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Deep market insights are brought to you by art market insiders via podcasts with breakthrough artists, and by insightful editorials, always presented in plain language. We’re making the once closely guarded insider knowledge accessible to all.

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We recognise patterns in the careers of artists by collecting and analysing thousands of transactional and non-transactional art market signals, that enable us to determine a fair market price, and predict future changes in value.

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We provide a safe and secure way to make your purchases with Turbare’s buyer protection: payment via an escrow account, insured shipments, a certificate of authenticity for all artwork and easy returns.


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The Art of Disruption Podcast

The Art of Disruption: Michael Soi

Michael Soi is one of the most unflinching and prolific artists alive. A living embodiment of art meeting power, here he tells Turbare how his art speaks about the topics and realities that others would rather he left unsaid.

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The Art of Disruption: Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising art

Artificial intelligence (AI) is causing a revolution in the African art market. On this episode we hear from Turbare and SuperFluidLabs, who've built a machine learning model that offers transparency to investors looking to build an art collection.

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The Art of Disruption: 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

Turbare speaks to Touria El Glaoui, the founder of 1-54 Contemporary African Art fair, to hear how she's bringing art from Africa to an ever increasing international audience.

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How This Art-Tech Startup Plans To Disrupt The Global Art World

Turbare speaks to founders Joe Anka & David Hutchful on how they are disrupting the global art market and creating opportunities for collectors and artists alike.

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Artnome founder Jason Bailey looking into camera

In conversation with Artnome’s Jason Bailey

Turbare speaks to Jason Bailey, founder of Artnome, an analytical digital art database that’s helping improve opportunities for collectors and artists alike.

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Artnome: One team’s mission to catalog the Art world

In America, Artnome are building the world’s largest database of paintings, using Artificial Intelligence and an eye-watering amount of data

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