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The Art of Disruption: Alexis Peskine

Join us for a conversation with the enigmatic Alexis Peskine. Hear about his journey shooting hoops on stretched-out summer days in the 1990s with future All-Star compatriot Tony Parker, securing three art degrees while picking up the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, and finding his true calling along a road less traveled...

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The Art of Disruption: Serge Attukwei Clottey

Serge Clottey is an inspirational artist from Ghana, who's built his very own yellow brick road, challenged gender stereotypes in Accra and achieved widespread international success. Here he talks about how he's fighting for his families land rights and how his creativity has been impacted by Covid.

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The Art of Disruption: Michael Soi

Michael Soi is one of the most unflinching and prolific artists alive. A living embodiment of art meeting power, here he tells Turbare how his art speaks about the topics and realities that others would rather he left unsaid.

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Alexis Peskine’s spiritually charged art delivers with pin-point accuracy

The French artist tells Turbare how he’s gained inspiration from the power figures of Central Africa to hold up a mirror up to society.

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Trailblazing October Gallery chops down obstacles for contemporary African artists

Their mission was to ‘give value to artists from everywhere in the world’. Now one of October Gallery’s directors reflects on how their early ambitions helped propel a global art movement.

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Figurative painting gets a shot in the arm from African art’s contemporary and modern masters

Art insider Adora Mba tells the story of Africa's figurative painters and how they're moulding the future of the genre, as auction prices soar.

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