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Alexis Peskine


(Born in 1979, Paris, France. Lives and works in Paris, and locations worldwide.)

Alexis Peskine’s signature works are large-scale mixed media ‘portraits’ of the African diaspora, which are thematically linked to the ‘Black Experience’. He creates these masterful pieces by hammering nails into wood, stained with coffee and mud, before applying gold leaf to the nails to birth magnificent images. He produces artwork that portrays the strength and perseverance of his subjects, while often paying tribute to the people who have taken the dangerous journey from North Africa to Europe in recent years. He also produces impressive photography and video work.

Alexis Peskine first exhibited in London in 2017 and has subsequently had major exposure at international art fairs since then. Peskine has been the recipient of many prestigious prizes, including a Hennessy Black Masters Art Competition award, and a Fullbright scholarship. Major museums showing his work include the New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, USA; and The Harvard Art Fogg Museum, Cambridge, USA.

Works by Alexis Peskine

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