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Anne Athena


Anne Athena’s practice springs from her deep interest in human behavior, spirituality and psychology, human beings, and the stories of their lives. She strives to create narratives that open a window to the unseen worlds of the human being. These sometimes being the more dark and melancholic sides to our existence, some examples are abuse, addiction, and mental health. She uses the realms of figurative, surrealism, and symbolism to veil these narratives in beauty and color. This combined with her passion for craft skill, historical art, and design results in an aesthetics that is heavily influenced by traditional ceramics; pattern, ornamentation, the figure, and the vessel.

Anne Athena has won the print project at Waddesdon Manor, Rothschild Foundation in 2018, has been shortlisted for the Young Master’s Prize in 2019, and has successfully completed her residency at Wedgwood Factory, Stoke on Trent as well ‘The Residency’ Versailles with renowned gallery Lefebvre & Fils, both in 2020.
Her work is part of important private collections in Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, and the UK. Her next solo show will take place at JGM Gallery, London, November 2021 – January 2022.

Works by Anne Athena

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