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Ato Delaquis


(Born in 1945, Cape Coast, Ghana. Lives and works in Ghana.)

Ato Delaquis is a renowned artist, and he has been one of the leading figures of the ‘Ghanaian Renaissance’. His artwork has spanned 4 decades through a range of mediums including acrylic painting, graphite, linocut, lithography, and screen printing. Delaquis is well known for his iconic paintings of horsemen of the Sahel, urban transport stations and marketplaces, and colorful African bars with beer-drinking exuberant patrons. Delaquis is inspired by modern African life, with a central theme of the clash between the modern and the traditional running through his beautiful work.

Ato Delaquis was awarded the Entertainment Critics and Reviewers Association of Ghana (ECRAG) Award for outstanding contribution to the development of African Culture in the field of Painting (1988); after being awarded the Bronze Medal for the International Graphic Art Exhibition in Leipzig, Warsaw (1966). His works are held in numerous private collections in Africa, Europe, and America, and many of his works have been sold at auction, including ‘Hi-Life,’ which was sold at Bonhams New Bond Street ‘Africa Now’ in 2016 for $25,570.

Works by Ato Delaquis


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