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Ayanda Mabulu

South Africa

(Born in 1981, King William’s Town, South Africa. Lives and works in South Africa.)

Ayanda Mabulu is a self-taught artist whose often provocative work focuses on social and political upheavals affecting South Africa. His art is a way of creating a dialogue with South African society, through his use of hyper-realistic imagery in his paintings and sculptures, to depict and juxtapose powerful leaders, pitted against defenseless victims of corruption, poverty, and systemic racism

Ayanda Mabulu’s work is recognised internationally, and is contained in museums and galleries around the world. His numerous solo exhibitions have taken place including at the Chenshia Museum, China; Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa; and at the Dusable Museum, Chicago, USA.

Works by Ayanda Mabulu


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