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Azad Nanakeli


(Born in 1951 in Erbil, Iraq. Lives and works in Florence, Italy.)

Azad Nanakeli has an impressive hold on a variety of media including painting, photography, video, installation, as well as an equally impressive powerful narrative. He is well known for his multi-layered and overlapping techniques, where he draws connections between political reality and social commentary. He is able to draw his personal experience and that of society as a collective that lends itself to very magical storytelling.

Nanakeli has participated in over one hundred international exhibitions including the Venice Biennale, the Kurdish pavilion in 2009, the Iraqi pavilion in 2011, and the Iranian pavilion in 2015. He has also exhibited in Dubai, Italy, China, Iraq, Austria, The Netherlands, Poland, and Denmark.

Works by Azad Nanakeli

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