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Barbara Wildenboer

South Africa

(Born in 1973 in Pretoria, South Africa. Lives and works in South Africa.)

Barbara Wildenboer is well-known for repurposing books. She delicately cuts the pages which often contain maps and atlases, and uses them as central elements in the pieces. She creates sculptural work from collage, photo, and paper-construction, and also works in digitally-animated photographic sculpture. Her work is a commentary on the human condition and the negligence of our natural environment.

Wildenboer has participated in shows and art fairs nationally and internationally, including South Africa, San Francisco, Washington, London, Dubai, Sydney, and Hong Kong. She was selected as a finalist for the Sovereign African Arts Award for which she received the Public Choice Prize in 2011, and has had several residencies including the Unesco-Aschberg residency (Jordan, 2006), the Al Mahatta residency (Palestine, 2009), and the Red De Residencias Artisticas Local (Bogota, Colombia, 2011) and L’Atelier Sur Seine (Fontainebleau, France 2016).

Works by Barbara Wildenboer


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