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Bers Grandsinge

Congo (DRC)

(Born in 1955 in DRC. Lives and works in Congo/Belgium.)

Bers Grandsinge uses a very personal technique called by him "polyurethane". After drawing on the support - working on the ground - he pours paint onto the canvas. He then applies a mixture of his composition to the canvas, a mixture that reacts in contact with the paint due to the presence of polyurethane. The reaction produces fine lines that appear to be included in the pattern. These small tortuous lines that streak the subject give relief to the works inviting the observer to caress this relief with his hand. The work is then colored, the subjects and objects partitioned by black lines. The supports used are varied: canvas, paper, wooden boards, recovered materials.

Bers has exhibited in Belgium, the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and at numerous art fairs since the 1990s.

Works by Bers Grandsinge


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