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Boris Nzebo


(Born in 1979, Port-Gentil, Cameroon. Lives and works in Douala, Cameroon.)

Boris Nzebo is mainly inspired by the hand-painted advertising illustrations found in West African beauty parlors, the heads incarnate the intimate relation between the individual and street life. This symbiotic connection allows for a multiplicity of readings of the image, rendering levels of information in a sort of visual polyphony that rhythmically integrates humans and the space they inhabit.

Boris has successfully been contributing to group exhibitions as well as running solo shows since 2008. Some of the group exhibitions include: Devil in Disguise at Jack Bell Gallery in London as well as La Cabine d’Esthétique atFondation Blachere, Apt in France. Some of his solo shows were: Vil-Visages at l'Institut Français, Yaoundé in Cameroon as well as Prince De Ville at the Jack Bell Gallery in London.

Works by Boris Nzebo


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