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Chidi Kwubiri


Chidi’s professional career can be traced as far back as 1993 at the Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation, Düsseldorf, Germany; Art sponsorship awards (selection). Since then he has had many notable exhibitions in various locations such as the paragon gallery in Miami (2012), 56th Venice Biennale – collateral “italia docet” in Italy (2015) and “Scattering The Lines – Connecting The Dots “, Cartoon Art Gallery, Dubai, U.A.E (2019).

(Born in 1966, Umuahia, Nigeria. Lives and works in Pulheim, Germany.)
Motion Emotion is the culmination of a lifelong dream of Chidi Kwubiri’s, in which he speaks to the power of music on the creative soul. He thus channels such inspiration into several of his artworks.

Works by Chidi Kwubiri

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