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Gamal Abdelghany


(Egyptian artist born in 1956.)

Gamal Abdelghany is the Founder of Elmarssam Fine Arts Gallery in Alexandria. Abdelghan was a professor at the College of Architecture and Planning, University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia (from 2000 till present) - Professor at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Egypt (from 1979) -Member of the Syndicate of Fine Arts, Division of Painting, Alexandria, Egypt. At a young age, he had a great fondness for the sea, which became more evident in his work subjects when he enrolled in the Architecture Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in 1979, Gamal was employed as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Alexandria. During that time, his passion for fine arts grew even more, which lead him to collaborate with several other faculty members from departments like Sculpture and Photography.

Gamal Abdelghany has participated in 6 fine arts exhibitions at the University of Dammam and accomplished more than 350 fine arts works.

Works by Gamal Abdelghany

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