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George El Bahgoury


George El Bahgoury was born in 1932 in Luxor, Egypt.
He studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, Cairo, under the guidance of the Egyptian artist Hussein Bikar. In 1970, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. Today, he is regarded as an accomplished painter and sculptor but is most famous as a caricaturist and political cartoonist. In 1953, he embarked on his career as a political cartoonist, a role that would see him featured in Sabah Al Khair and Rose El Youssef. George El Bahgoury has Diploma of Fine
Arts from Cairo, the Studio of Bikar, Painting Dept., 1955 School of Fine Arts, Paris, France, 1971
Diploma from Los Angeles, USA.

George El Bahgoury has staged many exhibitions in Egypt and abroad around. Some of the most important: 1976, 15th Spring Exhibition – Cairo, 2004, 1st Exhibition of Press Illustrations, at Palace of Arts. Cairo, 2007, 1st Festival of Fine Creation, "30th General Exhibition and 1st Fine Art Fair". Cairo.2008, Festival of Sketches and Mini Tableaus at Shadecor Gallery – Heliopolis. Cairo. 2008, Caricature Exhibition at Mahmoud Saeed Center of Museums – Alexandria. 1966, Venice Biennail – Italy. 2007, "Egyptian Smiles" Exhibition – 18th Gabrufu Biennale – Bulgueria. 2008, 13th Aswan International Symposium of Sculpture – Egypt. He has more than 100 exhibitions all over the world including; 2007, at Picasso Gallery, Zamalek – Cairo. 2017, at Picasso East Gallery, New Cairo - Cairo. 2019, at Liwan Gallery, Zamalek - Cairo. 2020, at Mashrabia Gallery of Cont. Art, Downtown - Cairo.

Works by George El Bahgoury

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