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George Lilanga


(Born in 1934, Kikwetu, Tanzania. Died in 2005, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.)

George Lilanga’s introduction to sculpture came when he began grammar school. He initially worked with roots, softwood, and, later, hard ebony, working in the Makonde tradition. His early works were solely sculpture until the 1980s where he began to focus on etching and painting. His shetani fantastic figures, his main inspiration which gained him world renown, were depicted on Masonite, canvas, batiks, and goatskin frames.

In 1978, he participated in a group exhibition in Washington, D.C where 100 of the 280 works shown were his. Since then his works have been exhibited in Denmark, Italy, Spain, the USA, France, China, Morocco, Germany, and Japan. His work is part of major collections such as The Contemporary African Art Collection (CAAC) of Jean Pigozzi.

Works by George Lilanga


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