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Hassan Al Shark


(Born in1950, Egypt.)
Hassan al-Sharq is not highly educated, but he loves art and has devoted his life to it. He used art to express his inner feelings. Because of the difficulty in obtaining the required tools and materials, however because of the expense, Sharq made use of alternatives. He explains the use of primitive brushes and pigments: “I depended on the date palm, using the soft fibres for brushes; and the colours I got from the spice merchant. Yellow, for instance, I get from barley, and brown from liquorice, and so on.” He stole brown wrapping paper from his father’s store and later used the paper of cement bags.

Hassan al-Sharq exhibited at Dr. Ragab’s Gallery in Cairo in 1987; in 1989 he exhibited in Munich and the Louvre Museum in Paris exhibitions in the Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, the United States, Kuwait, Palestine, Lebanon, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands. He also showed his works in Colombia.

Works by Hassan Al Shark

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