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Herman van Nazareth

South Africa

(Born in 1936 in Evergem, Belgium. Lives and works in Belgium.)

Herman van Nazareth has mainly focused on sculpture over the past decade, recently returning to painting and exploring other mediums. He constantly challenges the perceptions of contemporary art, not focusing on what is considered beautiful or aesthetically pleasing as seen in his “disfigured” sculptures. His vehement aversion to the abuse of power both in occupied Belgium and in South Africa led to the biting social commentary in his work that branded him a protest or satirical artist.

His work is part of important public collections in South Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, and the Americas. He has participated in exhibitions in Belgium, China, and South Africa, and has won several awards throughout his career including the Price Emiel Chest in 1962 and Anto Carte Prize in 1974.

Works by Herman van Nazareth


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