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Jeannine Achon


Jeannine is an accomplished Cuban artist with a sensitive and personal abstract style. She graduated from the Higher Institute of Industrial Design of La Havana and has served as a designer in her hometown for many years. After working on several decoration projects for prestigious hotels such as the Hotel Nacional and the Capri she decided to dedicate herself to abstract painting.
Although the American abstract expressionism movement – more particularly Mark Rothko and Esteban Vicente – has influenced her work, she has managed to create a more exotic style tinged with traditional Cuban culture. The purpose of her paintings is by no means strictly representative, or even symbolic; we are dealing with pictorial evidence of pure energy, aiming to communicate with – as the author points out – the original breath, that is to say, the very soul of the world. The “Ashé” series is a spiritual concept deeply rooted in the Cuban tradition, referring to the Santeria religion; the artist offers us to enter this secret world.

Jeannine Achon has already participated in exhibitions all around the world, showing numerous paintings. Her artworks are part of private collections in Cuba, France, Canada, the USA, Austria, and Turkey. She presently shares her time between Cuba and the south of France.


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