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Larry Otoo


(Born in 1956, Accra, Ghana. Lives and works in Accra.)

Larry Otoo’s work contains elements of realism, expressionism, and abstraction. Otoo holds a Master's Degree in African Art and Comparative Literature from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The everyday mundane activities of the average Ghanaian are what inspire his compositions. He paints his abstract creations in oils and acrylic to visually preserve Ghana’s traditions.

Larry Otoo is widely collected and has an international following. He has held exhibitions in Africa (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria), Europe (The Netherlands, Great-Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Spain), Canada, the USA and Japan. His paintings decorate Ghana’s presidential suite and Ghana’s chancery in Washington, D.C.

Works by Larry Otoo


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