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Lautaro Bianchi


(Born in 1975 in Argentina, lives, and works in Berlin.)

Lautaro Bianchi is a photographer, contemporary artist, and architect who graduated from the National University of Córdoba. In 1998 he was the founding partner of the Urban Group Study, with which he developed various and numerous architecture projects in Argentina and Spain. In 2007, he began his Master's studies in Innovative Process Design at the Catholic University of Córdoba.

Lautaro Bianchi has developed numerous group and individual exhibitions, including "Argentine Photographers, a collection IV" 2010, Guidotti Photo Gallery, Santa Fe, Argentina; "The world and the time of the world", 2011, Vía Margutta Arte Contemporáneo Córdoba, Argentina; "Aeropuerto VLC" 2012, Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos, and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. He has also participated in various national and international fairs such as Lima Photo (Lima - Peru), Buenos Aires Photo (Buenos Aires, Argentina), ArteBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Scope Miami (Miami, USA), Arte Américas (Miami, USA), among others.

Works by Lautaro Bianchi

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