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Lucas Gallego


Lucas is an architect, urban planner, artist, and carpenter. He currently lives in Colombia and graduated from the National University of Colombia.

His work has been widely exhibited in galleries, art fairs, and Colombian institutions with an international presence such as The Bogotá Botanical Garden, La Cometa Gallery, Casa Hoffmann Gallery, Elvira Moreno Gallery, The Colombian American Center, The Bogota Museum of Modern Art (Mambo), ArtBo, Feria del Millón and Barcú Fairs. Gallego has been the winner of the current intervention on the facade of La Cometa Gallery in Medellín and has also been selected for the recent edition of Artecámara & the ArtBo section dedicated to young artists. His work has been part of the research on Colombian photography such as PHOTOSYNTHESIS.

Works by Lucas Gallego

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