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Mamady Seydi


(Born in 1970, Dakar, Senegal. Lives and works in Dakar.)

Senegalese proverbs inspire the work Mamady Seydi creates. His body of works are often based on a specific topic that commands the whole piece. He multiplies the interpretations of the proverbs in his sculptures, showing multiple points of view. They are supposed to be a mirror of a society where it is necessary to always fight evil, villainy, and human stupidity.

During Dak’Art 2000 he was a laureate of the ‘Intergovernmental Agency of La Francophonie Prize’ and in 2000, 2002, and 2006 he was laureate of the OMI International USA Art Prize. His work has been exhibited in France, Senegal, South Africa, the USA, the UK, and Morocco.

Works by Mamady Seydi


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