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Michael Soi


(Born in 1972, Kenya. Lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya.)

Michael Soi’s work is rapidly growing in popularity, operating as it does as a social commentary on contemporary life in Nairobi. His now complete “China Loves Africa” 100 strong collection challenges Sino-African relations as he questions China’s deepening role in Africa’s development. Soi’s work is a continuation of a brilliant heritage of Kenyan cartoonists satirizing Kenyan politics, as he prods society to think more critically about its relationships between rulers and ruled, global capitalism and its effects on modern Africa, and men and Nairobi’s sex workers, the ‘economics of love,’ as Soi calls it.

Michael Soi’s work is found in numerous collections worldwide, forming part of the Casoria Museum of Contemporary Art in Napoli, Italy; the Standard Chartered Bank, London, UK;  and he has also had solo and group shows globally including at Le Sud, Zurich, Switzerland; and in individual collections like Luis Moreno Ocampo’s. Soi was recently featured in the BBC’s recent documentary series ‘African Renaissance; When Art Meets Power’.

Works by Michael Soi


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