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Mohsen Abou El Azm


(Born in 1958 in Fayoum, Egypt).

Mohsen Abou El-Azm is one of Egypt’s best Living Satirical Painters | Social Expressionists. He graduated from The Fine Arts University In Cairo, Where He Now Lives And Works. Abou El-Azm Is An Expressionist Who Uses His Art As A Vehicle Of Social Criticism. His Dynamic And Colorful Composition Generally Portrays Distorted And Exaggerated Human Characters In Mundane Situations. Abou El-Azm Translates His Deep Knowledge And Love Of The Egyptian Character Into Witty, Sarcastic Works Transmitting Powerful Emotions To The Viewer, Who Can Instantly Assimilate. His Paintings Are Like ‘Hawadit’ | Tales Bringing Out Our Humanity.

Mohsen Abou El Azm has participated in an exhibition at The Collector’s Eye VI, UBUNTU ART GALLERY- CAIRO | EGYPT from September 01, 2019, to September 04, 2019.

Works by Mohsen Abou El Azm

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