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Omar El Nagdi


(Born in Cairo, Egypt in 1931. Lived and worked in Egypt.)

Omar El-Nagdi was one of Egypt’s most well-known abstract expressionist and cubist painters His paintings touch on the surrealist, the serene, and the sensory. He has cited the noisy popular city of Bab Al She’reya and the quiet of rural Egypt where he spent time as the influences of his varied artistic styles and lack of commitment to only one medium.

El-Nagdi’s first exhibition was the IV Biennale de Paris in 1965. He also participated in the 34th and 39th Venice Biennales and went on to show his work in Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Cairo, Tunisia, London, in both solo and group exhibitions. His work is held at the Maraya Art Centre collection in Sharjah and during his career, he acquired over 16 local and international prizes, including a medal from the French parliament.

Works by Omar El Nagdi

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