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Ransome Stanley


Born in London to a Nigerian father and a German mother, Ransome Stanley currently resides in Munich.
Drawing from colonial clichés presented in Western culture and idioms of 19th century bourgeois society, Stanley problematizes the images of exoticism globally disseminated across the media. A self-proclaimed ‘shifter transitioning between two worlds’, he utilizes this elasticity to disrupt the territories of truth and fiction when painting. Stanley draws from the media's ‘archive’ and industry to reconfigure its language through appropriation and montage. By adapting familiar motifs, derived from the canons of history, politics, ethnology, symbolism, and mythological teachings, Stanley forces his viewer to question cultural principles firmly rooted within the collective consciousness of humanity.

Ransome has had a number of exhibitions in Aachen and Cape Town since 2013 and participated in art fairs in Germany, South Africa, USA and France

Works by Ransome Stanley

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