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Sabry Ragheb


(Born in1920 in Cairo, Egypt).

Sabry Ragheb’s skill in painting is unique. He has excelled as a portrait painter, having been taught by the Egyptian forerunner of this art – Ahmed Sabry. Ragheb’s work is characterized by his ability to transform a simple portrait into a work of art. The faces of his portraits are alive with an expressiveness created with the use of free, close brush strokes. Ragheb entered the Higher School of Fine Arts in 1937 but left his studies the following year to travel to Italy where he studied at Free School which specialized in the use of live models for the teaching of painting. Ragheb taught at the Ministry of Culture and Education and then moved to the Exhibition Department at the Ministry of Commerce in 1955.

During the 1950s he traveled to many countries to paint portraits of notable personalities such as President Ahmed Sukarno of Indonesia (1955), Syrian President Shukry El Kuwatly (1956) – for which he received the Decoration of Merit – and General Franco of Spain (1958). He was also appointed to the position of Art Counselor with the mandate to decorate the Cairo Sports Stadium in Nasr City with works of art.

Sabry Ragheb has participated in group exhibitions including; 2017 The Collector’s Eye IVUbuntu Art GalleryCairoEgypt, 2015 The Collector’s EyeUbuntu Art GalleryCairoEgypt. He also exhibited with Salah Taher and Saif Wanly. Ragheb received prizes for his art from the Salon du Caire in 1963 and 1964.

Works by Sabry Ragheb

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