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Thameur Mejri


Mejri has exhibited in Tunisia, Dubai, France, the UK, Egypt, the USA, Senegal and has participated in major events including the 13th Cairo Biennial, Dakar Biennale of Contemporary African Art, 1-54 London, Art Paris, Art Dubai and Abu Dhabi Art. His work is part of several private and public collections including Barjeel Art Foundation, Dalloul Art Foundation, and MAACAL in Morocco.

(Born in 1982 in Tunis, Tunisia. Lives and works in Nabeul, Tunisia.)

Thameur Mejri’s work deals with the dark matter of war, bigotry, violence, innocence, guilt, and shame. His work is an investigation of human existence with the human figure acting as a central element to his colorful and chaotic compositions.

Works by Thameur Mejri

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