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Tola Wewe


(Born in 1959, Ondo State, Nigeria. Lives and works in Nigeria.)

Tola Wewe's works are widely acclaimed for their originality, simplicity, surface texture, and mastery of colours. His work is a hybrid of African and western sensibilities and images, reflecting his own training and experience as an international artist. Wewe’s fashion of drawing comes from the Ona symbols of the Yoruba people and his themes project traditional lore and myths of his native Yoruba culture. He is a founding member of the Ona movement, a group consisting of committed scholars, critics and practicing artists with the aim of pursuing artistic excellence through the adaptation and interpretation of traditional materials and methods of contemporary Yoruba art and design.

His solo exhibitions include Galerie des Beaux Art, Heeze, Holland and “Recent Paintings by Tola Wewe”, Coningsby Gallery, London, UK (2005).

Works by Tola Wewe


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