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Tony Enebeli


(Born in 1956, Delta State, Nigeria. Lives and works in Nigeria.)
Toni Enebeli’s plastocast and metal foil work capture scenes of everyday life, rites, and ceremonies of different parts of Nigeria. With these unusual media, he has created a distinctive style.  His works aim to immortalize tradition with subjects that show the ceremonies, rites, and passages of tradition in Nigeria, and more specifically Delta state.

Enebeli’s exhibitions include ‘The Nigerian arts exhibition’ in Fredrisveaek, Sweden and Spanua, Berlin in 1986; Contemporary West African Arts Exhibition at Impression Gallery, Boston Massachusetts in 1989; ‘In Africa’ at Avanguardia, Milan, Italy in 1993; ‘Visions of Ancestral Heritage’, Italian Cultural Institute, Lagos in 1992; ‘African Passage’, Air Gallery, London in 2003.

Works by Tony Enebeli


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