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Wakaba Mutheki

South Africa

Wakaba was a well known artist born in Kenya in 1973. He had his big break whilst living in a shelter in South Africa when a tv show promoted his art. He was an extremely versatile artist, working in various mediums including oil and acrylic. He specialized in detailed face studies and was widely known for his realistic realism style.

Wakaba has been dubbed “The African Van Gogh” by the media and has developed a strong and loyal following of collectors both locally and abroad. Having no formal art training, he created a major stir amongst International art collectors. Wakaba sold out shows in New York and Philadelphia and has traveled and exhibited extensively both locally and abroad. He was invited to exhibit at the United Nations in Geneva and was commissioned by SAB to produce a painting that captures the essence of their premium label, Pilsner Urquell.

Works by Wakaba Mutheki


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