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Wildcat Will

United Kingdom

William Blanchard, or Wildcat Will as he is known, creates work of simplicity and ambiguity. An antidote to the buttoned-up, ’shiny facade’ of the corporation that the artist and art world has become. The influences on Blanchard’s work are easily identifiable in the POP Art movement, from Paolozzi, Jasper Johns, Indiana, Rauschenberg, Peter Blake, Hamilton, Tilson, Peter Philips, Wesselmann, Oldenburg to Bermann, Cornell, and Schwitters. The fact that they are so abundant in the artist's work does not diminish or detract from it but instead highlights its brash influence and his appropriation. Taken as a commercial reference to again comment and produce subjective sentiments on modern living.

Wildcat Will’s work has been commissioned by Cambridge Audio and his ‘Human Beinz’ Warhol-inspired diamond-dusted print has become well-liked with art buyers. He has exhibited widely at Art Car Boot Fair, group shows and solo shows such as ‘Love Is Like A Butterfly’, 'Assemblage' and 'I JUST DON'T CARE ANYMORE'

Works by Wildcat Will

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