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Yasser Nabaiel


(Born in1970 in Kafr El-Sheikh, Cairo, Egypt, Lives, and works in Switzerland).

Yasser Nabaiel holds a BFA (1994) in Fine arts with high honors and an MFA (1999) in oil painting and drawing from the Fine Arts University in Cairo. His thesis subject was about “believes and reality in Pharaonic and Soviet paintings”. Nabaiel employs a Baconian style in drawing and painting to depict psychological torment and to create layers of meanings to describe the state of humans today.

Yasser Nabaiel has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the 2019 Solo exhibition at Art Talks Gallery, Egypt 2016 Solo exhibition at Demart, Lausanne 2015 Group exhibition “Projektraum M54”, Basel 2015 Duo exhibition “The forbidden” at Art Talks Gallery, Cairo, Egypt 2014 Duo exhibition at Demart, Lausanne 2012 Group exhibition at Art Talks under the “Long Live Free Art” project, Egypt 2010 Group exhibition at the Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House. Egypt PRIZES: Honorary Prize from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Egypt, for the academic success of 5 consecutive years. Prize of the artist Ezz El Din Hammouda, Egypt. Artists, Telecommunications and Writers Prize, Egypt. Prize of the judges’ committee at the 6th youth exhibition fair, Cairo Opera House, Egypt.

Works by Yasser Nabaiel

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