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Yves Hayat


(Born in 1946 in Egypt. Lives and works in France.)

Yves Hayat chose to work in advertising in 1973 and it was there that his fascination with images and the importance of their meaning grew. It was there that he discovered the technologies and techniques that he would later use in his work. His interest lies more in manipulating reality than simply recording it. Through his work, he deep dives into the evolution of culture, art, politics, media relations, human thought, and the ways in which they continue to transform.

During his career, Hayat has had numerous solo exhibitions in France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Uruguay, Lebanon, the USA, the UK and Greece. He has participated in group shows including Art Miami, Art Wynwood, Art Central, VOLTA, London Art Fair, and Art Stage Singapore.

Works by Yves Hayat

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