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Art exists to empower the human spirit. We are determined to discover art from all corners of the world, and through the lens of podcasts and articles we will give space to artists and gallerists to narrate their individual and national histories. Join us as we discover together.

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The way we buy art is changing, and a new generation of art buyers seek to better understand artists through analytics.

We produce AI models in conjunction with market leader Superfluid Labs that quantifies an artist’s growth, and tracks the trends in value.

We recognise patterns in the careers of artists by collecting and analysing thousands of transactional and non-transactional art market signals, that enable us to determine a fair market value, whilst also predicting future changes in price.

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We make buying art accessible to all. We provide a safe and secure way to make your purchases with Turbare’s buyer protection: payment via an escrow account, insured shipments, a certificate of authenticity for all artwork and easy returns.